B2Mission - Updates
B2Mission - Update


This is new in 2021

Immediately after the end of the first B2Mission, we started reprogramming the app from scratch - based on the valuable feedback from the participants. This allows us to introduce additional features and make significant improvements in terms of reliability, battery usage and GPS tracking. After an extensive testing phase, the new B2Mission app will be available for download from April.


Overview of the changes

B2Mission - Smartwatch

Synchronisation with other devices
You now have the option of recording activities with other devices and synchronising them with the B2Mission app. This means you can leave your smartphone at home during "Move anywhere" activities. Compatible devices are sports watches from Garmin, Suunto, Fitbit and Polar with GPS function as well as Apple Watch and Coros.

B2Mission - Velo

Integration of bike
In the "Move anywhere" mode, you can now also collect points by bike. Cycling kilometres are rewarded with 100 points. For every kilometre completed by foot, you get 300 points.

B2Mission - mehr Regionen

Challenges in more regions
This time, Challenges will even be available in 21 Swiss cities. Aarau, Biel, Fribourg, Kloten, Neuch√Ętel, Schaffhausen, Sion and Thun have been added.

B2Mission Challenges

The first 4 Challenges score points
As the Challenges can be used to increase the points account significantly, each participant can complete a maximum of four Challenges, after which the Challenge mode is no longer available in the app. In addition to the checkpoints, the distance covered within the Challenge also increases the points account. Each kilometre covered gives 300 points.

B2Mission - Unternehmenskategorie

More fairness within the categories
In the "Company" category, we no longer look at the size of the company, but at the number of employees participating. In addition, there are more gradings, which leads to more fairness.

B2Mission - Countdown

Boost checkpoint replaces Countdown
If you pass a boost checkpoint during the Challenge, your collected points will be doubled during the following 3 minutes.

B2Mission - Unternehmenswertung

National ranking only
In future, the categories for companies, crews and individuals will only be evaluated on a national level. The splitting between the different cities will no longer be done.

B2Mission - Teamfeed

Easier communication in the app
In the "Team" section within the app, you have your own chat in which you can exchange information with your colleagues. This also simplifies internal communication for the team captain.